Furniture and Eco-innovation

Murillo Casa Team March 2021

The furniture industry is one of the most committed to the environment, in fact, it is one of the most decisive and effective industries to establish controls and measures with sustainability as a value. All measures and concepts aimed at reducing environmental impact are called eco-design or sustainable design.

Furniture companies have not widely adopted eco-design methods in a massive way, but in this sense, it is a very active industry, and it may be the second industry on the international stage that certifies its design and development environmental management system through ISO 14.006 standard.

More and more companies are adopting different strategies to increase sustainability. Without going any further, recognized low-cost brands or luxury furniture companies have launched a campaign in which ecology has become another of the objectives of their business strategy.

The joint efforts of a multidisciplinary team made up of companies, designers and experts in product and environmental development are the key to successfully leading the furniture industry on the path of eco-innovation.

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Yacht and Home Staging

Murillo Casa Team February 2021

Home Staging is the preparation of a private home for sale on the real estate market. The purpose of staging is to make the house attract the largest number of potential buyers, so as to sell the property faster and get more money. The focus of staging techniques is to increase the attractiveness of the property by ensuring that is an unique product, so that any purchaser can see where he lives and is therefore eager to buy... REED MORE about Home Staging and investment by Murillo Casa | The Best Solution.




Murillo Casa Team April 2021 |  Photo by Daniel Chen

This year, the decoration trend is evident and will continue to prevail in 2021. The Japandi style is a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian styles. And, if you think about it, both styles have certain characteristics that reflect the philosophy of life as a whole.

The love for natural materials, the minimalist interiors, the interest in decorating spaces with plants, result in a calm and simple environment, but warm and welcoming. It is a commitment to calm and beauty, a functional space that does not lose its appeal or warmth.

Wood, vegetable fibers and bamboo, cotton fabrics, ceramics and pottery, paper are all the protagonists. As for wood, the light tones typical of northern Europe are now mixed with woods or objects in dark tones. The result is very interesting contrasts, which balance the environment and make it truly attractive.

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