Yacht and Home Staging

Murillo Casa Team February 2021

Home Staging is the preparation of a private home for sale on the real estate market. The purpose of staging is to make the house attract the largest number of potential buyers, so as to sell the property faster and get more money. The focus of staging techniques is to increase the attractiveness of the property by ensuring that is an unique product, so that any purchaser can see where he lives and is therefore eager to buy.

But an monetary investment is needed in Staging to sell some people’s biggest properties: their houses and yachts. Therefore, this is not only decoration, but also needs to include an understanding of how to find the assets of the house in the real estate market in the area, so that the owner can choose where to make these investments. Return on investment is the purpose of Staging.

As for the simple decorations staged, people often use artwork, paintings, accessories, lighting, greenery and carpets to decorate the house, thus giving potential buyers a more attractive first impression of the property. They also rearrange or "temporarily replace" furniture. Properly executed staging can focus on attractive features while diminishing defects.

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